Innovation, Technology and Total Quality

firmly believes in the potential

of its human heritage:

“Human resources are something

above all measurements.

The capabilities of these resources

can be extended indefinitely

when each person begins to think “

Taiichi Ohno

The machine that changed the world


TS2 mission is to provdie excellent high quality RF engineering design services and products on a national and international level at competitive prices thorugh a highly skilled and flexible workforce able to meet in a timely manner customer requirements.


TS2 vision is to become a leading player in Italy and internationally through the development of cutting edge RF services and products to the industrial, medical and security sectors.

Innovation, Technology

and Total Quality

No company can disclaim innovation. Those who do not pursue an innovation policy are left behind and are destined to suffer and then fail.

Innovation must be the essence of our way of being and operating, an endless process.

Innovation for TS2 is an overall concept and is expressed by following and applying – in its own contest – the basic concepts indicated by the European Union in the “Lisbon Strategy”.

In particular, TS2 considers innovation as the European Community does in the document COM (1995) 688: “The renewal and expansion of the range of products and services, as well as the markets associated with them; the implementation of new methods of production, supply and distribution; the introduction of changes in the governance and in working conditions, as well as in the qualifications of workers. “

TS2 intends to implement this principle through the combination of four key elements:

  1. Creativity to discover new ideas.
  2. Strategy to determine how to make an action useful.
  3. Implementation to transform this idea into an action.
  4. Profitability to benefit from the implementation of a new useful idea.

In summary: the profitable implementation of a creative strategy.

Technology is a fundamental element in the continuous innovation process for the development of new products, services, production, procurement and distribution processes, for a new governance and for working conditions, as well as for the training of human resources, that are the company’s real wealth.

TS2 Digitalization (Industry 4.0), TS2 strongly believes in Industry 4.0, a

technological mix of robotics, sensors, connection to the Internet and programming, capable of definitively changing company management and production models.  TS2 is a company that has lost its concept of immobility and physicality also thanks to the cloud and co-working, taking advantage of the opportunities of Big Data and of the Internet of Things (IOT).

TS2: Total Quality, according to TS2, is neither an absolute value nor a static concept;

the Total Quality of the “TS2 System” is based on the cultural contribution of each human resource, on the approaches, techniques and tools that will be used and which must be continually renewed in order to always “Do things right the first time”.

TS2 is firmly convinced that the value of a system is much more than the sum of the single elements that compose it.

TS2 believes that high skills, a strong ability to work in a team, a knowledge of the company’s great strategies as well as a strong motivation and an understanding of the processes related to the “corporate system” are the main factors of excellence.

The process approach applied by TS2 in its Quality System assures the continuous search for improvement by understanding them. Their evaluation in terms of added value, verification and measurement of effectiveness aim at continuous improvement.

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